Jerusalem/Al Quds- Multi day Experience

Come get a deep, intimate & well rounded picture of Jerusalem/Al Quds and its surroundings, including parts of nearby West Bank. On this multi (1-4) day encounter you will get to meet, stay with, learn about and experience the many layers of both Palestinian and Israeli society and the conflict that divide them.

Silwan/City of David Tour

-->The village of Silwan resides on the outskirts of the Old city of Jerusalem alongside the streams and canals leading up to the ancient city. It is located on the ancient ruins of the earliest known civilizations in the Jerusalem area, making it a vital center of archeological exploration. In recent years it has become a focal point of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as radical settlers have laid claim to the village land declaring it as the historical site of King David's City. On our tour we will explore the fascinating story of Silwan, meet its residents and whiteness some of the difficult realities affecting people's daily life in the village. from Zion Gate Old City (map)
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Jerusalem/Al Quds - Between East and West

Come and explore what used to be the city’s border dividing East and West, Israelis and Palestinians. On the tour you will see, hear and experience the rich and fragile nature of Jerusalem's people and places, so deeply connected and yet deeply divided. 
Starting Notre Dame Hospice (map)
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Israeli Black Panthers Tour of Musrara

The Israeli Black Panthers were one of the biggest protest groups in Israeli history. Emerging from the borderline neighborhood of Musrara in the early 70s they quickly swept the country in social protest. On our tour we will uncover the roots of their important struggle in the place where it began, learn of its relevance to Israeli society and the Israeli-Arab conflict today, and discover the rich past, present and future of the Middle Eastern Jews. 

Starting Safra Square (Municipality) West Jerusalem (map)
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Anata Bedouin tour and Home stay

-->Anata Is a large town located on the edge of the Jerusalem municipal boundary, at the entrance to the Judean Desert. The town is linked to the biblical Anatot, home of the prophet Jeremia. Nowadays it is home to a growing urban Palestinian population as well as Bedouins belonging to the Jahalin Bedouin tribe. The Jahalin were expelled from the Israeli Negev in the 1950s after which they settled in the Judean desert. Living on the outskirts of Anata they are challenged by the temptations of modern life and the harsh difficulties of life under occupation. On our visit to the town we will visit Bedouin families, hear their stories and experience their unique cultural heritage.
**The Tour includes a specially prepared Bedouin meal

Ma'ale Adumim Settlement and Surroundings

Ma'ale Adumim, 10 minutes East of Jerusalem, is the biggest Israeli settlement in the West Bank. The city sits at the entrance to the Judean Desert and is home to 40 000 Israelis. On our tour we will explore the settlement and its Palestinian surroundings, meet with locals and discuss its social, political and strategic role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Leaving ftom Damascus Gate (map). 
Private tours on Request

Jerusalem's Seperation Wall

The Separation Wall in Jerusalem-Al Quds was constructed in the last decade and is now the new boundary of the city separating it from the neighboring West Bank towns and cities. On our tour you will get an up-close experience of the wall dividing Jerusalem, see its effects on the city and its residents and get a better understanding of the controversy surrounding it.  
Starting at Abraham hostel, Jerusalem (map)

Taybe Village- Discover Christian Palestine

Discover the beautiful village of Taybe located halfway between Jerusalem, Jericho and Ramallah. Taybe is one of the few remaining Christian villages in Palestine and home to a vibrant Palestinian Christian community. On our visit we will experience its ancient churches, meet its people, and visit its world famous brewery. 
Starting Damascus Gate on Private Request

Lifta 48' Village

The beautiful village of Lifta, perched at the entrance to Jerusalem, was once home to an important Palestinian community of farmers, tradesman and landowners. The village's inhabitants were made refugees during the war of 1948 and after the war could not return to their homes. On our tour we will hear their story while walking together through the remaining houses, orchards and village spring.
Private tours on request